Tuesday, September 28, 2010

What Every Backpacker Should Know About Medicinal Plants

Why learn about medicinal plants? Of course, backpackers should not leave the house first aid. But it will be useful and interesting to know that drug treatment plant is too small. One day, whether you're in a situation of survival, or you just lose your first aid kit and a horrible headache it would be bad to find relief nearby?

You can have as many effective medicinal plants. There are also some very dangerous indeed as well as synthetic drugs. I will not discuss here. This is a quick guide to a few safe plant medicines.

Plants to alleviate pain.
Fill the bottom of the cup with shredded bark and Willow Tea Cups with it. Let it steep for a few minutes before you drink it. The active ingredient salicin, closely related to cancer, which is used to salacylic aspirin. You can also try chewing eye poplar in a few balsam

Plant disinfectant
Sap from the "blisters" in the first semester balsam is a strong antiseptic Pop lesions erupt on the body of the wooden boy and SAP will ooze out, you can distribute it to cut and wound small to prevent infection, it tough, but, and it it is difficult to wash off. (At least it smells good.)

Crushed leaves of the Saint John 's Wort can be used as antiseptic dressing well. I've put the leaves on the ground set nasty stab in my foot to replace it from time to time and disappeared off faster than I've ever seen off St. Johnswort treatment with anti-virus and anti-fungal properties against bacteria.

Herbs for diarrhea.
You can drink tea made from the roots of blackberries and their relatives to stop diarrhea. Just fill out the bottom of the cup with cleaner and shredded roots and pour boiling water over them. The mixture steep for five minutes before drinking.

Bark bark oak and tannins that are also effective. I have used the King to stop diarrhea when I was backpacking in Mexico, making tea with a spoonful of twigs or bark, chopped - up tannins are hard on kidneys, so drink one cup of tea or oak used only in If you do not have other options.

Oral drug
You can relieve itching from insect bites, sunburn or a rash of toxic plants by the use of drugs mask of jewelweed (biflora Impatiens) I have seen a rash detox ivy up overnight by using water from jewelweed. It is also said to work on sunburn as well as aloe vera.

Tea leaf witch hazel (Hamamelis virginiana), and you can use it to relieve insect bites and sunburn as Witch Hazel astringent that women generally take a "tight" face.

There are hundreds of wild medicinal plants that might be useful to hikers and backpackers are You do not need an expert to benefit from them. Just learn to identify and use a few widely available and most people the safest.

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