Friday, September 24, 2010

ALOE VERA – The Medicinal Plant of the Ages

It is a member of the lily family, and most experts think it originated in Africa before spreading to humans around the world, along with several other less useful things.

Aloe vera is more water, semi-tropical plants with thick leaves shaped counter-weight edges are jagged It thrives best in dry, desert like conditions. But well in any climate as long as temperatures remain above freezing.
I live in an area with light frosts, and as long as it is under cover in winter, plants do not seem to be affected by them. The same goes for writers.

Because it is a plant with flowers that bear interest and quality of herbal aloe vera is a very popular ornamental plant in many cases at the kitchen window and garden It is also cultivated on a large scale to provide burgeoning cosmetics and natural health care industry that make use of natural plants to maintain quality of the plethora of creams, beverages, balms and lotions sprays.

No one knows when people started to use the features of the different treatment of the aloe vera plant.
Ancient Sumerian text items Aloe Vera is a form of cathartic Yellow latex mask of Aloe Vera plant is known to help maintain their health.

Groundwater can also be used as a laxative taken when dining.
Ancient Egyptians also used it in the process of embalming reports, as well as skin care products. It has been reported that the famous beauty Cleopatra used aloe vera as a skin cream to help heal her famous face.
China has also used it for over a thousand years in the treatment of everything from the sinuses to the skin disease.
Aloe Vera first came to the attention of Europeans during the height of the Roman Dioscorides, a Roman Principles of Pharmacology is one of the Westerners first described in detail and lists the benefits of many herbal laxative and balm natural. bruises.

It became the mainstay treatment balm is a laxative and in the middle ages through to help conceal the New Testament. (Hide so I can not find it).

When the discovery of the New World, Aloe found its way to America through Spanish missionaries who planted it in their garden while strictly destroy native culture and that the villagers themselves.

Onset of the industrial revolution and the subsequent arrival of synthetic chemicals for modifying disease pushed back the role of Aloe Vera is a medicinal plant. While there is work still to do drugs at home by several scientific community downplayed the importance of herbs.

During the mid-twentieth century, Aloe experienced the resurgence of sorts as people begin again to look at the traditional home remedies to help cure illnesses and conditions. The medical community began to re-look at this little wonder plant and a plethora of medical report was released that refers to the ability of Aloe vera treatment of periodontal everything from hair loss.

Today, while the medical community continues to maintain the neutrality strictly in the power of Aloe Vera is a medical treatment - all, industrial health, cosmetics and natural crazy for green plants little water, aloe vera and additives are sold in restaurants. health around the world and many have a cosmetic product with aloe vera as an ingredient.

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