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Medicinal Plant and Nature therapy

To learn the essence of natural therapy, you should understand the concept of Eastern medicine of unity between man and nature. The idea of Eastern medicine such as acient five elements that make up the universe and man's special quality of the human body and other features include a science of herbs.

Moreover, this emphasis on the idea that disease is the result of an imbalance of body and mind and not caused by external factors. Sole or one As a result, Eastern medicine, depending on body, mind and thoughts parapsychics not mentioned in the same breath with Western medicine traditional theoretical models based body said.

In general, the basic concepts of Eastern medicine is the man that should be a re-balancing of the individual and encourage intellectual and physical powers and set up harmonious and balanced life for the purpose of self-help and health. Thus, in the treatment, herbal role to play only a one way rather mitigatory to promote integration of environment, body, spirit and soul.

nature therapy

Then it comes to the principles of autotherapy herbal treatment in all directions, treatment with herbs is a very effective way. Herbs that can support the maintenance and the balance of the body and help. disintoxicate. And restore power at the same time. People can take advantage of the natural herbs for the treatment of balance and seek to live life with good health and long-term

Theories of herbal medicine is that food is the best medicine and can provide nutrients to the needs of the human body and a small element of people rely on the availability to promote the health, healthy, balanced diet is a decisive factor. Therefore, before use of herbal supplements, you should first make sure your daily diet in the condition that all six flavors round or not.

"Sweet," "acid," "salty," "mild," "bitter," "harsh," all of them would have to be cooking delicious and healthy. Here you can learn some herbs that are used daily to improve quality of life. In the east, they found very often in the use of herbs and medicinal herbs are also inseparable with the daily food

Water, aloe vera helps to eliminate toxins, physical, ginger tea is also a function of detoxication Paแenam taste cinnamon can help smokers to quit smoking; bractbud of cloves, the same efficiency as well Bitter herbs such as purple coneflower to dispel the feeling after the surgery or the treatment of physiological haemostasis and toxins.

In addition, tea, feverfew, tea Clover Hop, tea, valerian, and passion fruit tea with all threats to eliminate distraction Psyllium, linseed, fresh fruits and vegetables, grains and beans and nuts, all can assist in promoting the death of General exkretion ginseng affects young people and to restore the power of it had been at the forefront in the West.

Other foods that restore function to a walnut, garlic, licorice, honey, and others will return to overlastingarms. Sound of nature and of nature can calm our souls and promoting health unpeaceful if some herbs at the same time. Area, especially the growth of the concerns of the potential of plant medicines, skin diseases, including warts, hemorrhoids and molluscum.

With improved methods of analyzing the development of drug treatment plants are also able to check the traceability and safety of these natural products. As it turns out to be more acceptable in the use of plant medicines for more serious illnesses such as Herpes, Human Papilloma Virus (HPV) and irritable bowel syndrome (IBS).

Here at Natural Pharmacy We are proud to have been developed to select the quality of herbal products that are designed to address a wide range of diseases. Our products are based on the progress made in plants that they brought to the viral immunology and dermatology. Organic essential oils certified in these products have been extracted by traditional methods and they have not received treatment or chemical changes.

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