Thursday, July 7, 2011

Herbal Medicine Programs Today

Find Herbal Medicine Programs in the United States and Canada. While there are several herbal medicine programs from which to choose, each one is as individual as the school that offers these healing arts courses. Ranging between introductory classes given through a holistic workshop or seminar, to more comprehensive studies entailing more than 300 training hours; herbal medicine programs may qualify students to earn professional certification in the field. These (courses) are also a welcome supplement to any established holistic practitioner's field of expertise and services.

Herbal Medicine
Typical subject matter in herbal medicine programs entails practical training in anatomy and physiology, botanical medicine, identification of plants, herbal medicine formulation, anatomy and physiology, holistic nutrition and diet, herbal pharmacology, aromatherapy, essential oils and supplements, and Bach flower remedies, among other studies.

Additionally, there are unique Chinese herbal medicine programs that are offered through acupuncture and Oriental medicine schools. These certification/diploma courses include much of the aforementioned studies, in addition to Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) theories and philosophy, Eastern medicine philosophies, Chinese herbal formulation and diagnostics, Chinese teas, and more.

Supplementary education and electives offered through herbal medicine programs may include but are not limited to training in organic gardening, herbal plant cultivation, first aid, and organic foods and preparation, among other related topics.

As a prospective student, it is good to know that while there are many stand-alone herbal medicine programs, individuals have the opportunity to learn about herbal remedies and therapies through a number of alternative medicine schools, including naturopathic colleges, homeopathic schools, and even home-study courses for the self-healer.

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