Friday, July 29, 2011

Unfolding The Realm Of Herbal Medicines

Possibly there can be innumerable ways to cure the illness or to repair the body from an ailment. Many therapies and medicinal ways are suggested, but the natural one is more embraced with grace. Herbal medicines and ayurveda therapy are one of them. So let's go today with natural herbs and explore to know what they have in them that the others don't have. Over the years medicinal herbs have been an alternative against many medicines and therapies. It is the most ancient form of health care known to humankind and has been used by most cultures throughout history. The current scenario is that most of the people are in favor of herbal medicines. Perhaps people are fed up of other stream of medicines. Now it is the time to rejuvenate & refresh your body, mind and soul with these herbal medicines. The herbal medicines are also called Herbalism and is of traditional medicine practice that have been practiced by many human civilizations all around the world. Peeping more into the concept of herbal medicines, herbalism is also referred to as herbology, botanical medicine, medical herbalism and phytotherapy.

Herbal Medicine
Briefing more in the history of medicinal herbs it can be said that these natural and alternative medicines were used thousands of years ago. From the archaeological survey it is evident that the civilizations of the bygone era used herbal plants as part of traditional medicine. The Chinese usage of herbal medicines dated back to 2800 BC. Imagine for almost 5000 years, herbal medicine was used for treating various ailments. Today the natural therapies and herbal medicines have taken giant leap to become a full fledged separate industry. People are favoring and emphasizing more on herbal medicines over synthetic medicines. So the more older & effective they are, more reliable they are.
Let's find out whether the reasons suffice for resorting to herbal medicines. Here are few reasons why people go with the medicinal herbs & natural herbs.

- Herbal medicine is cost effective and less expensive than the medicines bought from an allopathic pharmacy

- Another merit of herbal medicine is that it can be bought without a prescription. They are available in any health store

- Herbal medicine and remedies are more effective than allopathic medicine for certain ailments

- Herbal medicines are used to prevent various ailments

- Herbal medicines are everywhere

- Many herbal remedies today boost the immune system or prevent the signs of aging among maturing people.

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