Monday, September 27, 2010

Medicinal Plants and Modern Times

Animals possessing the ability to adapt to change and come up with new methods and solutions to human, the time has made countless and discoveries, inventions that allow us to respond more and even the evil and the problems that have come our way and this is precisely the reason that we humans have learned to be arrogant and start to deviate from nature. However, even if taken carefully for, Mother Nature continues to nourish us and continues to play her duties as the love of our land that was available, and treatment.

Medicinal plants and herbs are just some of nature's best gift to us. These traditional features of our medicie treatment is useful in curing various diseases and treatment of wounds and injuries. Enhance the immune system of the body, antiseptic and disinfecting properties and the fight against cancer, such as in the case of antioxidants, polyphenols, are just part of the mutual benefit most we get from plants are. Top this with the fact that they are 100% natural and post any threats to our overall health, not Although the discovery and is widely employed in the plant civilization, period of time, was forced in a corner by the great men of medicine processing and how the promise of better and faster.

Medicinal Plants
Ironically, the recent discoveries in the field of medical science - the very same field that we synthesize these drugs - now tell us that the plant is a good choice. Experts say this level of purity of synthetic drugs are very powerful and harmful effects that may not be seen immediately. But will certainly do damage either. The best of these can cause harmful effects or allergic cause temporary physical changes such as acne breakouts impact on the more dangerous. But are also found; Inform the development of cancer cells, or even that some cases result in instant death.

The use and disposal of drugs and nutritional supplements derived from plants are growing.Specialists. In the fields of botany and microbiology, pharmacology, as well as a chemist specializing in natural products are looking for. phytochemicals. From plants that may have been developed for the treatment of various as the World Health Organization, around 25% of medicines currently used in the United States are derived from plant sources.

Therefore, the use of traditional medicinal plants and herbs have been accepted now as a way to learn about drugs that may occur in the future in 2001, researchers identified 122 substances used in the medical mainstream, which has. from "ethnomedical" Plant sources of these 80% were used in similar or related to use of traditional ethnomedical.

For this reason, a growing number of physicians and scientists are checking more closely in medicinal plants and herbs - more checking the benefits they provide and find ways to make the best of them. Surprised a lot of people now have. rediscovering. The beauty of these plants, often to work alternative medicine and pharmacy - Chinese herbal medicine.

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