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Sources Of Medicinal Plants

Focus on the growth of herbs and traditional health systems into a solution of health problems in today's world. Trade because of this perception in plants with medicinal value has been growing internationally. Most third world countries see the plant as part of their culture. But the practice of medicine increasingly faced defeat in the colonial period in most countries in Africa and Asia are losing patronage, particularly in urban settings. Today these countries are still suffering from the effects of colonialism, they still want to synthetic drugs as a primary option in the treatment of people Satisfactory definition of these synthetic drugs can hit hard in third world countries these are mostly people in rural areas lack basic health services because of unaffordable drugs and health services. This means that it will be too slow in meeting health care are important and critical needs for the exploding population, especially in Asia.

Medicinal Plants

Medicinal plants.
Plant drugs are widely used in cosmetics now, agricultural, pharmaceutical and food industries. Using herbs in the treatment of disease have been recorded in the history of the world's civilization. In prehistoric times man was ignoring the health hazards and problems with treatment is not reasonable. With intensive medical research will be found that the factory is the active principles responsible for the actions to solve. Before the invention of synthetic human depends completely on the use of herbal medicines in the treatment and prevention.
Introduce the scientific method and how scientists and researchers now the ability to understand the principles of the toxins in green plants (crops) after the separation of information and testing, scientists have found that plants that have actual use, some of these diseases as well; Morphine, Atisine, Lobeline, Digoxin and Atropine.

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