Friday, October 8, 2010

Sources Of Medicinal Plants

Efficacy of medicinal products

Herbal products are effaceable beyond question, for example the novel herbal products of Silmarin (Silybum marianum), Artemesinin (Artemisia annua) and Taxol (Taxus baccata) have outworked the efficacy of other recognized remedies like Gingko biola, and Hyperricum perforatum known for curing depression and stress.

Scientific Researchers have come up to support the presence of medicinal activities of herbs of recently, by carrying out a number of researches from herbs to invent an exceptional molecule to fight Cancer and other diseases. In so doing, medicinal plants like mezerien (Daphne mezereum), elephantpoin (Elephatopus elatus), and allamndin (Allamanda cathratica) have shown a recommendable significant towards inhibiting the effects of tumor (Jan, 2006).

Herbal Products, a Hope to Modern Disease Problems

Number of this study occurred in herbs such as Ajuga reptens to verify that it has principles and application potential in the treatment and the treatment of diabetes related to the inability of insulin Herbal products such as galagine (officinalis Galagea), chirantin (Mara charanta) and acid gymenemic (Gymnema sylestre), has demonstrated activity laudable in diabetes, other types that are insulin independent recent research material. Tecoma stans extraction activities have demonstrated the potential effects of diabetes (Mazumdar et at, 1996).
Arthritis is a disease of concern when it comes to maintaining a drug on the market does not give the satisfaction of solving problems get rid of it. Important crops such as boswellic (Boswellia serrata), ruscogenin (acueleatus Ruscus) and guggulserones (mukul Commiphora), a representative of anti-arthritic activities while Harpagoside is known to have anti-hole.
partheniumis Chrysanthemum. Activities possible with migraine disease, with eluded researchers for many years, we have parthenoides action is the principle active agents from the activities of migraine herbs such as chinensis Schisandra (schsantherin) and Sedum sarmentosum (sarmentosin. ) depicted a very talented and the ability to reduce inflammation in the liver enzyme levels more

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