Thursday, September 15, 2011

Thai Herbs Amazing

What Makes Thai Herbs Amazing?
There are many things that are typical of the brand and have done for the country. These are the Muay Thai, Thai silk, Thai Rice, Thai fruits, and of course Thai food. Ingredients that make Thai food is 'herbal' in Thailand, in conjunction with 'spices' are cleverly mixed in Thai food. Thai food as their main ingredient.

Thai Herbs Amazing
Although most herbs are used are used as condiments or seasoning materials, Thai hers are somewhat different from all other herbs. They have characteristic taste and aroma that are not found in other herbs. They have characteristic taste and aroma that are not found in other herbs. For example, ‘Horapha’ or Thai basil (Ocimum basilicum), the same species as the well-known sweet basils, has distinct aroma and flovor from that of other sweet basils and is well suited for several Thai dishes, which cannot be replaced with other sweet basils or other herbal materials. These dishes include ‘Kaeng Khieo Wan’, ‘Kaeng Phet’, ‘Phat Makheua Yao’, stc. Similarly, ‘Kaphrao’ or Thai holy basil (Ocimun tenuiflorum), has a distinct flavor and aroma from other holy basil (which has rarely been used as herbs as herbs in other countries); it has made Thai dishes, such as ‘Kai Pat Bai Kaphrao’, very well known to the Thais as well as foreigners. ‘Maeng Lak’ or hairy basil (Ocimum americanum) is indispensable in ‘Khanom Chin Nam Ya’ and ‘Kaeng Riang’. ‘Makrut’ or kaffir lime (Citrus hvstrix) whose leaves are used in many Thai dishes, gives a unique aroma and flavorl it is a major ingredient of the world famous Thai soup, known as ‘Tom Yam Kung’. Like Thai spices, Thai herbs are uniquely blended with Thai dishes such that they are inseoarable. ‘Tom Yam Kung’. For example, is world famous because it contains a blend of many herbs (and also a few spices), among them kaffir lime leaves, lemongrass stem, limejuice and chili (the last three, although not the leafy nor soft flowering parts of plant, but are treated here as herbs since they come from fleshy part of the plant). Two other related types of Thai dishes, ‘Yam’ and ‘Phla’. Will not taste as good without such herbs as kitchen mint, lemongrass and lime.

Thai Herbs Amazing
In addition to adding flavor to Thai dishes, most of the beneficial health properties of natural herbs. Therefore, it is fair to say that Thai herbs. With a beautiful green, they are good, they are added as a seasoning or garnish to make and delicious Thai food and beautiful natural gtomach on their stomach with the features and their freshness.

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