Monday, September 12, 2011

Burdock Root Tea

Burdock root is native to Europe and Asia. It has been a main ingredient in a number of herbal preparations. It is sweet in taste and has a sticky texture. Traditionally it has been used to treat fevers, cold, urinary tract infections and rheumatism. However, it lacks clinical evidence. Burdock root tea has been used as a diuretic and also in the treatment of cancer. Both leaves as well the root of burdock is used to make tea. We will see, how to prepare burdock root tea, but before that we will read on benefits of burdock root.

Burdock root tea
Burdock Root Tea Benefits
Tea made using burdock root helps in treating indigestion and other stomach problems. It is also known to strengthen and tone the stomach. Burdock root can also be used to treat urinary tract infections, bladder pain, gout as well as fluid retention. Glandular conditions, like swollen glands, etc. can also be treated with burdock tea. Burdock root uses, include treating a number of inflammatory conditions, rheumatic conditions, liver conditions, along with hepatitis, jaundice and liver problems.

Apart from these benefits, burdock also helps in stimulating secretion of bile. The use of burdock root tea for acne, especially teenage acne, is well know. Consuming burdock root for acne for a period of three or four weeks will help in dealing with persistent acne.

Burdock root and leaves can also be combined with dandelion root to make tea, which is an extremely effective liver cleanser and stimulator. Burdock also helps in treating respiratory tract conditions, along with asthma, skin conditions, like boils, eczema, scurvy, etc. fever as well as cancer. It is also known to neutralize and eliminate poisons from the system and also sciatica. Burdock combined with sarsaparilla is known to treat a number of skin ailments.

Burdock Root Tea Side Effects
Burdock has a laxative effect on the bowels and it can also stimulate the uterus, hence, it is recommended, that it should not be consumed during pregnancy. Handling burdock can also allergic reaction in some people. If you are allergic to pectic, then it is recommended you stay away from burdock root to avoid any allergic reaction. If you are currently, taking any medicines, then do not consume burdock root extract or tea, as it may effect the efficacy of the medication you are on. Diabetic or hypoglycemic patients are cautioned, that you may not want to take burdock root tea, as it may cause surge in blood sugar levels. One of the burdock root side effects is that it can also cause alterations in sodium and potassium levels. Consumption of burdock can slower the heart rate and cause dry mouth. At the same time, it may also interfere with the absorption of iron.

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