Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Natural Pain Relievers - Herbal Pain Relievers

The pain can be caused either by injuries or by trauma. More often than not pain is accompanied by inflammation. Therefore, we will see the herbal pain relievers, which will not only bring relief from pain, but also from inflammation.

It is not per say a herbal pain killers, nevertheless it proves to be beneficial in treating pain. It is present in all types of hot peppers. It is actually the chemical, that is responsible for heat causing element in peppers. Capsaicin helps to reduce the sensitivity temporarily of the nerve receptions in the areas being affected with pain. It is said to reduce pain caused by arthritis, migraine pain, etc.

Fish Oil
Fish Oil
Although there is a lot of hype around fish oil for treating pain, research has indeed proved, that fish oil does indeed help to treat pain. The research also point to the fact, that people were able to stop taking prescription pain killers completely, after they started taking fish oil supplements everyday.

Turmeric is widely used in the Indian sub-continent, to make curry. Turmeric contains curcumin, which is a powerful ingredient, which helps in fighting against chronic inflammatory conditions. Therefore, turmeric is often used with other herbal pain remedies to bring relief from pain.

Devil’s Claw
It is used in rheumatoid arthritis pain relief. It is used for natural pain relief for osteoarthritis, tendonitis, neck pain, back pains, etc. Patients were able to go off painkillers, after starting taking devil’s claw. It not only helps in relieving pain, but it is also useful in improving the overall quality of life of the patients.

This herbal pain relief medicine is very effective in preventing and suppressing inflammation causing chemical reactions. It is made from frankincense tree bark resin. Boswelia is often recommended in Ayurveda for arthritis treatment and also treating inflammatory bowel problems.

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