Monday, April 4, 2011

What is Herb

Herbs grown from history is important, it is necessary for the existence of everything depends on agriculture. Herbs are a source only for cooking and curing, while the currently used for extracting color, flavor and Drug Administration.

The word Herb itself has many definitions according to the society defining it. Herb is pronounced "erb" with silent "h", but the British accent is "herb". Back to the definitions of herbs, for biologists it stands for "Herbaceous" plant (A plant with soft steam). People studying plants define herbs as "useful plants". While the HSA "Herbs Society of America" define herbs as plants known for their flavor, fragrance, medical and health usage, economic and industrial usage, pesticide and coloring materials.

The most beautiful feature about herbs is that you can park anywhere, whether you garden or container that you can get the best of them. Maybe you should garden. But do not ever think that you have planted herbs in it and maybe you will like the taste of some of the recipes and can not imagine them without the taste of herbs to your liking.

For some of you who never think about the benefits here, you have reason to grow herbs
1- Herbs have multifunction. They are pleasant, have good odder and wide range of applications.

2- Herbs are easy to grow.

3- Herbs are useful for other plants. Herbs attract beneficial insects and are best shield for pests.

4- Herbs are best choice for kitchen lovers. You guarantee a special taste for your dish when you have fresh rosemary in your garden.

5- Herbs save your money. You can go shopping some herbs from the nearest supermarket to you, and you will understand how you will save money in case you have them planted in your own garden.

Herbs have many uses and applications. herbs can be main ingredient in natural medicine that has no side effects, herbs are used in cooking where it adds special odor and flavor to food. Finally herbs could be a wonderful gift that will not cost much and in the same time can leave a perfect impression at the people receiving it. It all depends on the way you use them and the problem is that you will find a variety of herb types, where each type has its own uses and benefits, this may be confusing and need some knowledge.

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