Monday, April 4, 2011

Herbs in the Garden

Herbs are a special group of plant compounds that give flavor and aroma. Herbs are used for flavoring food and tea. (Herbs and cooking) can be grown in Mississippi gardens. Most herbs should be planted in full sun. But few colors fire. They like well drained soil of medium fertility with pH 6.0-7.0 the organic mulch benefits plants in summer

Herbs that can be grown in Mississippi are annuals that are planted every year, biennials that are planted in the fall and flower the following year, hardy perennials that come back year after year, and tender perennials that may survive a mild winter but often need to be treated as annuals or protected from freezing temperatures.

You can start herbs from seeds of the most popular. Many of the herbs of all time to propagate by cutting stems, layering, or agency crown the year, and trees, some herbs are available at Nursery and Garden and Plant proposed by mail its catalogs. Buy lots.

Because herbs used in very small amounts of a few plants each of which may be sufficient. If you want plenty of herbs such as basil, especially for making Pesto, medicinal plants in the vegetable garden Otherwise, prepare a small area, especially for the herbs so that they can enjoy nature as well as for their fragrance.

Pests are a few herbs, a good thing because there are not many if any pesticides that are allowed to use these plants. When growing herbs in the vegetable garden, protect them from pesticides used on vegetables.

Grow herbs started from containers so they can be set in the garden without disturbing the roots. Borage and dill are two herbs that do not transplant well if bare-root. Either scatter seeds in the garden where these herbs are to grow, or start plants in containers.

Taste and aroma of herbs that caused the oil in plant tissue. Effects of fertilizer in excess moisture and shade in the low oil content and mild flavor. Oil content in many plants that started up before the plant flowers.

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