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Herbs & Medicine

Herb and Medicine
Herb is a plant lacking a permanent woody stems and many plants Garden plants that can be or just a nuisance. The most common herbs that just about everyone is familiar with the culinary use of herbs and spices or herbs in the preparation of restaurants, exotic cuisine or culture. From the beginning of history, herbs have been an important part of food and medicine for people throughout the world civilization. In fact, herbs will be discussed even in Bible history and literature, much

Herb & Medicine
Plant used for any purpose that is mainly used to treat disease is called an herb and has been for thousands of years in both Europe and the Mediterranean area. While the meaning of tolerance to the herbs that can be used with plants that are not wood, herbs are sometimes considered to be derived from part of the plant used to flavor food or as medicine or other means for Many cultures derived from herbs, fruits and bark, flowers, leaves and roots, particularly non-woody plants.

Herbs can be classified in many ways different, because the systems of different herbal medicines that are recognized today as Native Americans, Europeans, Chinese, Ayurvedic and herbalism west, while the direction and the reasons for using herbs. will vary from system to system, common belief in how herbs should be used to treat the body as a whole remains the same. The herb is most effective when they are used to working with the body produce more than the total impact of their individual effects with the natural energy of the individual

Herbs can be classified into five categories, including simplicity, a nutritional food products, which are bitter, phenolic compounds, saponins and ALKALI Lloyd, which is tough. polysaccharides, which are astringent tannins and aromatic oils which are volatile Identification system will make use of this herb, taste and smell the best way for the recognition or representation in the administration of the herb. It often may be necessary to find similar herbs or equivalent may substitute seasonal herbs only hard to come by.

While some people have some medicine that will be vital as they are used in medicine since the advent of prescription drugs and synthetic medicines. But the plants will remain the main source of drugs.

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