Sunday, March 20, 2011

Are Medicinal Herbs Safe To Use?

Herbs have no side effects was not satisfied with the guidance of any medical botany. There are thousands of "trial and error, we pretty much know the effects of herbal medicines.

In practice, all the herbs recommended for treatment mainly depend on hearsay or tradition, folklore, and today we have benefited from the accumulated wisdom of the ages herbs.

Most of our articles in medical journals and herbs tend to focus only on the danger of their example, coltsfoot and comfrey are accused of causing cancer. Licorice allegedly the cause of abnormal hormone seriously and chamomile blamed for a severe allergic reaction. Herb cancel these allegations is the absurd

Medicine Herbs
The fact of the matter is that herbs are not "completely safe" or "poison" Herb was like any other drug that you take a little time - nothing happens, you will take the right amount. (Of the appropriate herbs) - you reap the benefits of treatment. But if you spend too much time too long - you have a problem in the application.

Nothing is absolutely safe. Such as herbal medicines or over the counter. Safety is determined to run the risk evaluation of the benefits / total drug to be taken in recommended dosages. And if you've never taken before, it should start with the lowest dose at first; In the case of the reaction.

Many people believe herbal medicines are safer because they are natural. Critics argue that herbal medicines are safer because the user knows precisely how much they are ingesting herbs that users will be able to predict dough with vegetable oil.

Critics will point Herb. Herb strength depends on plant genetics, growing conditions, maturity at harvest, time to collect data and how to prepare for the possibility of contamination

On the other hand, there is no guarantee that the control of drugs will be used safely. You need look no further than the statistics of suicide. In addition to that has been said that people have different reactions to different quantities of the same drug many For example, aspirin is the drug of adults 2 tablets every 4 hours, but for some, one tablet will provide relief, while others take three to get the same results.

Herbs generally cause few side effects than drugs. Drug tablets and capsules are highly concentrated with a small taste factors that make it easy to use, overdose The active components of herbs are less concentrated and the most bitter taste, which will help discourage drug overdose.

Any substance, whether used as herbal medicine or drug that has the ability to do well when applied correctly, can also do harm when used incorrectly.

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