Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Herbs And Essential Oils - Powerful Medicine

We can find many uses for herbs and their essential oils in our lives. Essential oils that contain concentrations of the herb. The use of herbs in the form of pure oil will allow us to keep it for longer periods of time. We can use less of this nature because it is less concentrated in the oil go a long way.

One common theme that you may have heard again and again has to do with its power and its impact on the treatment It actually affects all areas of our lives. Because we live in a world of energy and we live in body and energy body. (Sometimes called an aura), we can begin to understand that some energy or frequency that can be beneficial to move our environment and our bodies.

Herbs And Essential Oils
Herbs and oils are embodied with these frequencies or vibrations. Each herb carries its own energy. Since herbs tend to be fragrant, we can often induce change through smelling or breathing in the herb. That is how the use of incense, perfumes, teas and spices can affect us. Aromatherapy is also based on this premise.

When you light a lovely scented candle and allow it to fill your home with its aroma, you may begin to feel uplifted, peaceful, invigorated, dreamy, soothed, intuitive, loving, etc., depending on the vibration of the fragrance and, of course, the quality of the candle and the herbs used in making it.

When you have prepared a wonderful homemade soup that you have seasoned just right with herbs, someone coming home can smell it immediately upon entering, and it can generally produce a change in their demeanor rather quickly. Just as baking cookies made with cinnamon or some other fragrant herb readily brings a smile to the face of anyone who enters your home.

Drugs we use today can be checked back to their roots in the wise use of medicinal plants on a long time ago. And most of those very same remedies will work just as well today as they were then to bring relief from physical disease

Many people actually prefer to use an herbal remedy rather than using a processed medicine made in a laboratory. In many cases the herbal remedies are extremely effective, and obviously cost much less than their laboratory produced counter-parts.

Always listen to your own body. Never discount your own power to observe any changes in your physical condition, and to respond to those changes appropriately. Discussing your options with your doctor as well as becoming informed by researching and reading are the suggested path.

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