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Top 10 Medicinal Herbs

Many herbs known for their medicinal properties. These herbs since ancient times. These herbs have been used in ancient times and even today still. Important benefits of using these herbs is that they do not have side effects that are not desirable when compared with other drugs or drug These herbs must be used in a limited number of them have produced a strong synthetic. Excessive use of these substances have harmful effects on health. These herbs may interact and interfere with some drugs, if used simultaneously. Therefore, you will need very careful while using these herbs in the treatment of many diseases.

Top Medicinal Herbs:

Medicinal Herbs
Following are some of the most commonly used medicinal herbs that are used for curing several ailments:

1.Garlic: This is used for treating bronchitis, cold and flu. This helps to lower blood pressure, maintain healthy cholesterol and increases liver enzyme levels which help to eliminate carcinogens.

2.Aloe vera: The juice of broken aloe vera leaf can be used for soothing burns and to ease the pain triggered by bee stings and insect bites.

3.Chamomile: The flowers of chamomile plant can be used in treating digestive problems, stomach upsets and also as a sleep aid. Chamomile tea is more beneficial to treat these health issues.

4.Sage: Tea prepared from sage leaves can be used for treating indigestion and for alleviating cold symptoms. Be cautious while using this herb because it contains estrogen.

5.Spearmint: Spearmint oil extracted from the leaves gives relief from cold and clears congestion if added to warm bath water.

6.Roses: Rose hip tea helps in boosting immunity and aids in treating common cold symptoms. You can blend rose flowers into oils and use it for cleansing the blood, soothing tension and aids in circulation.

7.Peppermint: Tea prepared from peppermint leaves can be used for soothing stomach upset, to fight influenza and aids in indigestion.

8.Calendula: Prepare an infusion with calendula flowers for aiding digestion and for promoting bile production. This can also be used as a mouthwash for gums, particularly after dental work.

9.Dandelion: Dried dandelion root is used for treating liver and kidney problems.

10.Rosemary: Infuse rosemary leaves in water for making an antiseptic mouthwash.
These were the top 10 medicinal herbs which are useful in treating various health conditions. But these herbs must be used carefully, under an expert’s supervision.

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