Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Thai natural products industry

During the past decade, was revived around the world herbal medicine and traditional health practices. Therefore, the use of herbal medicine and herbal supplements have been increasing dramatically. A large natural source of Thai medicinal plants and herbal medicines can also be alert to global trends. A large number of research groups from both public and private institutions have been working on medicinal plants and herbal medicines that make a scientific basis to support the use of safe and effective and their development of these Thai herbs. Love is a modern herbal quality and reliable performance.

The results of research and development of Thai herbs now been produced in a wide range of products including health foods and drinks supplements, herbal medicines are natural ingredients in cosmetics and these products have now become part Daily life in Thailand. Thai herbal products are made with an awareness of global trends of quality assurance in mind. Therefore, the natural products industry in Thailand had the opportunity to observe guidelines "Good. Practice "are. Good Agricultural Practice (GMP) and Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) to ensure consistency of product quality and performance.

Thai herb

Thailand is ready to bring their products to the world stage Thai herbs as part of the international market. The following is an example of "Thai herbal products," we are proud to introduce to the world market to meet the needs of those who are serious about health and beauty of them by nature and the world to prove. their excellence.

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